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Wide Photos are actual vehicle

<<<<<<<Narrow are illustration
of actual equipment that this
specific vehicle features but
may not be photos of this exact
For your benefit  I have run the Kelly Bluebook
Value report for this car.
Shown here is a photograph of the computer screen
showing what the KBB website indicated for this
specific car.
Note that the Values shown are not the asking price
but rather the KBB systems comparable report and
a suggested Fair price estimate.

We ran the value carefully! When run we provided
the KBB server with correct info including:
  • Odometer reading adjustment
  • Our local ZIP code 92509
  • Option/Trim level adjustment
  • Check boxes for correct equipment included
    on this auto
Note that certain colors sell faster than other colors
and add additional value or cost.
Most desired colors tend to be in order of
  1. White or pearl white
  2. Silver
  3. Black
  4. Dark Grey
  5. Dark Blue

Other colors are popular but some of these colors
can add a premium value.

Our asking prices are subject to change daily and
may or may not be negotiable. I post my official
prices on my vehicle inventory page.
You can also call me directly with questions between
9am-9pm pacific time zone (951)681-2101