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Public Low risk direct Investment Options
your eventual ownership.
  • The purchase of a vehicle for your exclusive benefit would be considered a business joint venture
    for the purpose of converting that transaction into a retail vehicle sale.
  • If you invest between 25%-100% of the projected acquisition cost of your desired vehicle the you will
    be entitled to special business venture partner pricing structure based on the percent of risk that
    you are taking responsibility for.
  • The funds will be held at an established Credit Union or bank in FDIC insured accounts.
  • We will pay you 1% on top of the current rate offered for the CD account.
  • The Purpose of this investment is to provide equity with banks or credit unions that extend us credit
    for business purposes.
  • In the future when our size and volume becomes sufficient to issue stock as a corporation investors
    and certain employees will be entitled to certain preference.
  • We can pay out monthly or bi-weekly so if you invest $100,000 we would send you a check for $500
    per month until you choose to draw out your capital.
  • This is only an example.
  • The funds will be held either in FDIC secured accounts or secured with vehicles held in inventory.
  • Investors may draw out invested funds within 30-60 days without any penalty.
  • Investors may draw out invested funds in less than 60 days with a variable penalty.
  • Investors may qualify for special perks and discounts on vehicles.
  • The funds may also be laddered.