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Sell your vehicle fast and easy for full fair market value
Need to sell your trade in your vehicle. Let us take care of everything with no hassle.
It is a very simple process. We can sell your vehicle with no money out of pocket and as fast as the same day. Our fee to sell your vehicle starts at only $199
We offer several levels of service.
  • Full Retail Consignment (Platinum Package)
  • In the field retail consignment (Gold Package)
  • Basic wholesale consignment starting at $199
  • Retail Marketing only( Assistance Package)
Selling your vehicle?
possible. These are the steps that we recommend. These are not required but are recommended.
  1. Call us for an appointment to accept your vehicle.
  2. Gather all maintenance records.
  3. Gather your Vehicle Ownership Title document and/or your latest loan information documents.
  1. Bring your vehicle to our office but first stop by the full service car wash. We have 2 recommend car washes
    that are close by and you should pay for the gold wash upgrade. That should cost about $18 +/-.
  2. If you want to keep possession of your vehicle while we sell it for you then we will direct you to have a used
    vehicle safety inspection at a competent auto service facility. This inspection should cost about $150 and is a
    legal requirement.
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Riverside CA 92509